Welcome to the website of the research project CC-LandStraD. This acronym stands for Climate Change – Land Use Strategies in Germany.

On this homepage you find explanations of the project aims and contents, presentations of the joint project but also of the individual subprojects as well as information on the partner institutions and the participating scientists.

How can land use in Germany reduce greenhouse gas emissions? This question has been investigated by scientists in the collaborative project CC-LandStraD, which was coordinated by the Thünen Institute of Rural Studies.

The declared aim of this inter- and transdisciplinary project was to develop strategies for sustainable land use in the face of climate change and to assess their consequences. Now the results have been published in an overall view in the reference book "Wechselwirkungen zwischen Landnutzung und Klimawandel".

The book provides a basis for the debate on climate change-optimized land use in Germany. It is available for download as e-book (free of charge) and also available as print edition from Springer Verlag.

The project page is no longer updated.