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Project team - WWU

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) Münster

Excellent prospects

Münster offers a unique symbiosis between dedicated research work and a high quality of life. And this makes Münster attractive. With its wide range of research areas and excellent working conditions, as well as its intensive support for junior academics, WWU Münster has a strong appeal to researchers, academics and cooperation partners.

Ideas without borders

A total of nine Collaborative Research Centers (CRC) are being funded at WWU by the German Research Foundation. One of these is the ground-breaking nanoscience project “Multilevel Molecular Assemblies – Structure, Dynamics and Functions”. In the world’s first intercontinental transregional Collaborative Research Center, researchers in physics, chemistry, biology and economics in Beijing and Münster are joining together to form an interdisciplinary research network which is unique in its field.


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