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Scientific articles from 2015 - 2016

Fick, Johanna; Weingarten, Peter (2016)
Klimaschutz, Landnutzung, Landmanagement - Erkenntnisse aus dem VerbundforschungsprojektCC-LandStraD. Landentwicklung Aktuell: 38-40.

Hoymann, Jana; Goetzke, Roland (2016)
Simulation and Evaluation of Urban Growth for Germany Including Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Measures. ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Inf. 2016, 5(7), 101.

Vaclavik, Tomas; Langerwisch, Fanny; Cotter, Marc; Fick, Johanna; Häuser, Inga; Hotes, Stefan; Kamp, Johannes; Settele, Jodef; Spangenberg, Joachim H.; Seppelt, Ralf (2016)
Investigating potential transferability of place-based research in land system science. Environmental Research Letters.

Henseler, Martin; Röder, Norbert; Liebersbach, Horst; Kreins, Peter; Osterburg, Bernhard (2015)
Mitigation potential and cost efficiency of abatement based subsidies for production of short rotation coppices in Germany. Biomass and Bioenergy 81:592-601. Oktober 2015.

Röder, Norbert; Henseler, Martin; Liebersbach, Horst; Kreins, Peter; Osterburg, Bernhard (2015)
Evaluation of land use based greenhouse gas abatement measures in Germany. Ecological Economics, 117, 193–-202.

Steinhäußer, Reimund; Siebert, Rosemarie; Steinführer, Annett; Hellmich, Meike (2015)
National and regional land-use conflicts in Germany from the perspective of stakeholders. Land Use Policy 49, 183-194.

Meyerhoff, Jürgen; Oehlmann, Malte; Weller, Priska (2015)
The Influence of Design Dimensions on Stated Choices in an Environmental Context. Environmental and Resource Economics 61 (3). 385-407.

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