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On the Use of our Land: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

A new exhibit on land use and determining factors: will open on December 4 at the Thünen-Museum-Tellow with the Mecklenburg - West Pomeranian Minister of Agriculture, Till Backhaus, and, president of the Thünen Institute, Folkhard Isermeyer.

Land use has always been dynamic because societal expectations and the demands on land use are constantly changing. That is why it is important to plan land use and to shape it actively, in order to place the corner stone for use possiblities for future generations. The exhibit "LandUseLife" places the spotlight on concrete factors of influence in land use as well as on the research on land use. For the historical consideration of land use, for example, the work of Johann Heinrich von Thünen (1783 -1850), a pioneer of spatially related economic and agricultural science studies, was chosen. Also, today, 200 years after Thünen, the core question remains: What use of land is appropriate and how can it react best to the new soicietal demands (i.e., climate mitigation) for us and for future generations. Therefore, results of CC-LandStraD were used for the exhibition aswell.

The exhibit "LandUseLife" is a cooperative effort of the Thünen Institute and the Thünen-Museum-Tellow. It will be opened on December 4 by Professor Folkhard Isermeyer, President of the Thünen Insitute, and Dr. Till Backhaus, Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Consumer Protection, in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. In addition, the exhibit will also be presented at the German National Garden Show 2015 in Havelberg.

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