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Project team - Thünen Institute

Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute
Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries

The purpose of research at the Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute is to develop concepts for sustainable and competitive

  • Agriculture and Nutrition
  • Forestry and Wood Science
  • Fisheries

and to contribute to overcoming the specific problems of rural regions.

The Thünen Institute drafts scientific basics for policymakers. The focus is on the task of securing sustainable resource use in a globalizing world and at the same time opening economic development perspectives for rural areas.

The Thünen Institute combines scientific competence in the research fields economy, ecology and technology, in the development of its solution-oriented concepts. The research results do not only serve in practical policy decisions, but are also used by industry and society. The research thus serves the development of tomorrow’s society in diverse ways.

The Thünen Institute was launched on January 1, 2008 as a German Federal Research Institute and independent German federal authority. It consists of 15 professional institutes with headquarters in Braunschweig. The Thünen Institute maintains numerous national and international cooperative relationships and is involved in scientific training. The agency has special research equipment such as fishery research ships, an aquaculture facility, a certified organic agriculture test farm and various types of technical testing stations which make it an attractive research partner.


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