Regulatory systems

Title of the subproject:
Regulatory Systems of Environmental and Spatial Planning Law in Land Use

The subproject focuses on the options of steering land use and influencing land use decisions. It contributes to the comprehension of the interrelations between land use decisions an planning-societal-economic framework conditions. Thereto aspects of the instrumental feasibility of sustainable land use strategies are taken in consideration in addition to scientific-technological aspects. In this way scientific findings can be presented to answer the question, how different institutional actors (politics, administration, organizations, private actors etc.) can contribute to climate mitigation and adaptation and which kind of instruments can counterbalance the different demands on land use.

University of Münster
Department of Geography
Chair: Local, Regional and State Development / Spatial Planning

Central Institute for Spatial Planning at the University of Münsterplaninvent – planning office for spatial planning in Münster


Wissenschaftliche Leitung
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Grabski-Kieron

Mathias Raabe